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HP Reunion Role Call

I wrote my answers for the Role Call at hp_reunion, but I had so much to say it was way too long for a coment. So I made the full answers a post of their own :)

Did you attend any midnight book sales or movie premieres?
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And the rest:

Favorite HP Character(s): Harry, always. Also Ginny, Ron&Hermione, Luna.
Favorite HP Book(s): HBP and DH
Favorite HP Movies(s): PoA and DH part 1
Where were you when you read the last book?: Still living at my parents', a month after the book came out because I wanted to sit my Neuropsychology final AND finish my reread of all the series before starting. It took me another month to read it, because I like making my books last as long as possible :D

How did you get into the online fandom?:Collapse )

Are you still active in HP fandom?:
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If so, what are your contributions to fandom? Anything exciting you want to tell us about?:
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If you're not active in HP fandom, are you active in any other fandom(s)? If so, which?:
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What do you miss most about HP fandom? the SHEER AMOUNT OF PEOPLE AND THINGS in it.

What was your most memorable experience? Aw, man.
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Do you still post on LJ? If not, how long has it been since you posted?
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Are you active on other fandom networking sites?
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Are you open to having new friends on LJ (Yes/No)? YES! Please, I want to follow more people!
If not on LJ, on Twitter, Tumblr, etc? Sure! tho I don't know how my twitter looks to English speakers XD
Excited about the reunion? Please tell us. Gifs are welcome too!

stupid married otp

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So, I finally went and made a tumblr for my baking/cooking.

I came to share my first recipe, for two (or three) chocolate chip cupcakes.

I’m loving these single-serving recipes, because I sometimes want to eat a cupcake, but either I don’t have the ingredients to make a whole batch, or I don’t want to eat six of them (and if I make them, I WILL eat them ;_;).

* Recipe here *
stupid married otp

semi-hiatus due to moving! :D

*sneaks in* *dusts off journal*

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for dissapearing on you all, but it's for a hapy reason: I moved to my own place! :DDDD

So far it's been awesome, I have dinner watching Classic Who and lunch to the Tennant/Tate Much Ado. And the whole apartment smells of chocolate and tea :)

But not so awesome, I have no internet :( I've been drawing a lot (mostly Doctor Who, that show ate my brain), so expect a pretty spam when I get back online.

So in the mean time, O'm more active at tumblr, where I've been posting my SW sketches, or you can head over to my DA page/ where I have posted some stuff.

Cheers, and happy Easter in advance! :D

Art post: Animorphs Gift Exchange - Like autumn leaves (Animorphs, PG)

Title: Like autumn leaves (they soon fall)
Characters/Pairing: Ax, Rachel, Cassie, Tobias, marco, Jake (Gen)
Medium: Digital art
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: They're enjoying a moment of peace, back when they still could...

A/N: So very late gift art for rideinthelimo , finished despite idiotic internships, slow computers and country-wide looting riots (seriously).

Looks like the ansgtier the canon, the fluffier the fanworks I make. Your prompts were sacrifice, laughter, fall. Then Marco hijacked my brain and it all went down from there. Lots of <3s to the mods - I know it mustn't been easy to fit someone who hasn't finished the series.

This kinda got reblogged by most of the tumblr Animorphs fandom. Hi, tumblr Animorphs fandom! XD