Lady SugarQuill (ladysugarquill) wrote,
Lady SugarQuill

(Very late) Christmas Wishlist!

Oh well, I am really late on this XD The holidays have been hectic, so I never got around to posting this in English. I've always thought it's a lovely tradition, but I never dared to post mine for some reason XD This year, however, I gathered some courage and did it!

♣ Make an post on your LJ with a list of 10 Christmas wishes.
♣ Wishes can be anything; from something simple and fandom-related ("I'd like a R/Hr icon just for me"), intermediate (a DVD) yo something really big. The important thing is that you're sure you really want it. Note: If your wish is for material things you'll need to include your contact information.
♣ Invite your f-list to make their own lists and take not of what you could give them. Remember it's important, if you see a wish you can grant, to make sure it comes true for whoever asked for it.
Tags: !meme, !wishlist, argentina, english, fandom: doctor who, fandom: harry potter
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