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No Ads Month For Active Authors

We know, that most of us right now live in a rather uncomfortable situation. We have thought how we could help to make your time with LiveJournal more comfortable. 

So we will disable ads for a month for all active authors. For active authors who have Professional package, we will extend it for one month.

LJ Mascots Frank the goat and Mr. Kapusta are preparing for the summer
LJ Mascots Frank the goat and Mr. Kapusta are preparing for the summer
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ask the internet, doctor who edition

Classic Who fandom, I need your help! Can someone rec me good h/c fics featuring Three? For a guy that gets kidnapped/beaten up/tortured at least once a serial, fandom has dissappointed me.

And as I'm on it, I really want to start listening to a DW podcast, but there are so many! D: Any recs? I'm looking for both RTD and Moffat friendly, if possible people that, umm, actually sound like they like it? (as opposed to those who are always complaining about it).

Thanks! :3
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Art post: I can dance [DW, Rose/Doctor(s), G]

Starting 2015 with the right foot - I'm actually crossposting my art here! XD

Here’s my gift for the Doctor Who Secret Santa :3
Title:  I can dance [DW, Rose/Doctor(s), G]
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: Rose/Nine, Rose/Ten, Rose/Twelve
A/N: I tried to add Eleven as well, but I couldn’t figure out how. Also I apologize for Twelve here, he wouldn’t cooperate T.T

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(Very late) Christmas Wishlist!

Oh well, I am really late on this XD The holidays have been hectic, so I never got around to posting this in English. I've always thought it's a lovely tradition, but I never dared to post mine for some reason XD This year, however, I gathered some courage and did it!

♣ Make an post on your LJ with a list of 10 Christmas wishes.
♣ Wishes can be anything; from something simple and fandom-related ("I'd like a R/Hr icon just for me"), intermediate (a DVD) yo something really big. The important thing is that you're sure you really want it. Note: If your wish is for material things you'll need to include your contact information.
♣ Invite your f-list to make their own lists and take not of what you could give them. Remember it's important, if you see a wish you can grant, to make sure it comes true for whoever asked for it.
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Meme de la Wishlist Navideña

Algo de lo que siempre quise participar pero nunca me animé, es el meme de la wishlist navideña. Pero pensé que capaz ya no se hacía, así que me puso muy contenta ver la entrada de alkanet :D

Lo copio por si alguien quiere participar, que tengo ganas de hacer regalos estas Navidades. (Y si alguien se copa en regalarme algo me haría muy muy feliz :D).

Haz una entrada (abierta, friends only, filtrada... lo que te venga mejor) en tu LJ. El post debe contener una lista de 10 deseos de Navidad.

Los deseos pueden ser cualquier cosa, desde algo sencillo y relacionado con el fandom ("me gustaría un icono Ron/Hermione que sea sólo para mi"), algo intermedio ("me gustaría el DVD de...") a algo realmente gordo ("pues para Navidad quiero un coche nuevo/portátil/casa/tele" o "un viaje a las Seychelles").

Lo importante es que estés segura/o de que son las cosas que de verdad quieres. Nota: Si lo que deseas son cosas materiales (no historias o iconos), asegúrate de incluir tu información de contacto o tener alguna forma de hacerla llegar a los que quieran ponerse en contacto contigo.

Invita a tu f-list a poner sus listas también y anota que podrías regalarles tú, recuerda que lo más importante es que si ves un deseo que sabes que puedes conceder y tienes toda la intención, hagas que ese deseo se le cumpla a la persona que lo pidió.

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¡Espero ver muchas listas en my flist, cumpliré los deseos que pueda! :D